🌳Carbify Introduction

Join Carbify and make a positive impact on the environment while also earning money. With our innovative program, you can invest in trees that are grown by locals in the Amazon rainforest. These trees absorb CO2 from the air and provide a sustainable source of income for locals, and will create a positive social impact on local communities.

Not only will Carbify educate and support local communities and create a positive social impact, but you, as the participants, will also earn $aCO2 tokens. $aCO2 is the first certified carbon debit token bound to the Amazon rainforest in the world. These tokens can be sold. The tokens can also be burned to offset your CO2 footprint and really make a change. Carbify offers a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game called Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. Eco Empires will offer many ways to increase your gameplay based on micropayments paid in $aCO2. Loads of players will compensate for their own carbon footprint without even knowing. Not only will you have the opportunity to level up and gain advantages in our game, but you will also receive official certificates for your efforts to offset your CO2 footprint while having fun! Carbify is certified by Earthood and, thus, the United Nations and can officially licence/certify projects and companies under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which established an international environmental treaty.

With Carbify, you can simultaneously contribute to a healthier environment, have an enjoyable experience and earn income. Want to learn more about how you can get involved? Continue reading...

The Carbify promise

  1. Focus on sustainability (CO2)

  2. Food and income security (social impact projects only)

  3. Education for local communities and tribes

  4. Opportunities for participants to potentially earn high returns

Join us in our mission to not only raise awareness about the importance of carbon compensation but also take active steps towards offsetting carbon emissions in regular households. As an participant with Carbify, you have the opportunity to offset your own carbon footprint through the innovative Carbify game called Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. By actively participating in the game and burning CO2, you can upgrade your gameplay and truly make a difference in the fight against climate change.

In addition to providing a fun and engaging way to offset carbon emissions, Carbify also invests in a variety of sustainable projects across the globe. We work closely with local governments, universities, and companies to promote education and awareness about sustainability, invest in biomass, and utilize modern technical solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Gamification We believe that gamification is a powerful tool for driving change and have therefore developed a game that allows players to offset their carbon footprint in a fun and interactive way. Our first game, called Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth, will reward players but also educate them in a fun and exciting way. You can learn more about Eco Empires on this page.

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