Global Carbon Standard

Topics on this page: * What's a carbon standard? * Why does Carbify need a carbon standard? Don't forget to read Certification and GCS as it's related. What's a carbon standard? A carbon standard is a set of guidelines or requirements establishing the criteria for measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These standards can be used to measure and report the carbon footprint of a product, service, organization, or event and to evaluate the environmental impact of various activities.

Carbon standards can help organizations and individuals reduce their GHG emissions and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. Different organizations and governments have developed various carbon standards. For example, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a widely-used standard for quantifying, managing and reporting GHG emissions. It guides measuring and reporting GHG emissions from various sources, including energy use, transportation, and waste. Other examples of carbon standards include the ISO 14064 series, which covers GHG quantification and verification, and the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) Standard, used to assess and certify the social and environmental impacts of land-use projects.

Carbon standard documents are the written guidelines or requirements that outline the specific criteria and procedures for measuring, reporting, and reducing GHG emissions. These documents can help organizations and individuals understand and comply with carbon standards and demonstrate their commitment to reducing GHG emissions and mitigating climate change.

Why does Carbify need a carbon standard? Carbify designed and filed for a carbon standard certification for several reasons:

  1. We want to demonstrate our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint in the best way possible. The Carbify carbon standard offers complete transparency in the methodology used

  2. To meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance with relevant laws and regulations

  3. To offer a fair and reasonable scientific way to measure our own and other projects' carbon absorption

  4. We need the carbon standard to measure and report the carbon footprint of a product, service, organization, or event. Our researchers will verify the information, and the outcomes will be accessible through a programming interface

  5. We have implemented the use of carbon debits rather than carbon credits, and have devised a new method of certification for these carbon debits. It is more efficient and more environmentally honest compared to the use of carbon credits

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