CO2 Calculator Portal

The Carbify CO2 calculator portal is a valuable resource for individuals who are interested in understanding and reducing their carbon footprint. This online service allows users to calculate the everyday CO2 emissions generated by various activities, including driving a car, flying on an airplane, eating food, travelling, and heating their homes.

By providing this information, the CO2 calculator portal helps people make informed decisions about their actions and their impact on the environment. Whether you are an individual looking to reduce your own carbon footprint or a business interested in becoming more sustainable, the CO2 calculator portal is an essential tool for understanding and reducing your carbon emissions. This CO2 will be bought directly from Carbify tree owners, supporting the project in many ways.

To give you an idea of everyday stuff you do and its CO2 footprint increase:

Flying economy class for 100 km: 27 kg CO2 Flying business class for 100 km: 43.2 kg CO2 Spending $100 on a vacation/recreation on average: 28 kg CO2 Spending $100 on hotel/pub stay: 32 kg CO2 Flying from Amsterdam to New York and back. Business class: 2860 kg CO2

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