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Topics on this page: * $CBY Introduction * Token sale * Token trading $CBY is a multi-utility token. It can be used to purchase in-game assets on the Eco Empires marketplace. The token can also be used to buy premium packages for the game. It will be the primary token for our marketplace and is very important for the tree-staking program. Carbify will burn part of the tokens being used for staking. This means the circulating supply will lower over time. To sum it up:
  • Stake $CBY to increase the NFTree rewards ($aCO2)
  • Use $CBY to buy a premium account for Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth
  • Use $CBY to buy in-game upgrades
  • Use $CBY to buy NFTs on the marketplace
  • The token will be used for various interactions for the Global Carbon Standard certification
More will be announced as the ecosystem expands.
Token sale Tree buyers will pay for $2.5 worth of $CBY tokens for every tree. One token will be valued at $0.25 during the first phase of company development. The private and public sale will take place at 27 march 2023 20.00 CEST. More info about the sale can be found at; see Tokenomics for extra information. Token trading $CBY is listed on Uniswap V3. Carbify token tracker on Polygon: 0xB6a5ae40e79891E4DeAdAd06C8A7cA47396Df21C