Topics on this page: * Staking introduction * Tree staking program * Staking rewards * Unstake fees * Plot details and requirements * Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth As a participant in the Carbify ecosystem, individuals who purchase Carbify-powered trees will be rewarded with $aCO2 tokens based on the amount of carbon that the trees have absorbed. In addition to this, Carbify offers incentives for tree owners who choose to stake their trees on Carbify land plots and activate the process by staking some $CBY tokens. These land plots, which are an integral component of the Carbify platform, can also be utilized in various games and activities, such as Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. Tree staking program Trees can be planted onto virtual plots. The staking can be activated by locking $CBY tokens in the plots. Staking will never rewards $CBY tokens, but will reward the stakers with $aCO2. Carbify offers three different types of land plots:

- Genesis plots (limited to 1500 Editions) - Rare plots (limited to 7500 Editions) - Standard plots (unlimited Editions)

Staking rewards For every tree planted, Carbify will plant a 'spare' or 'hedge' tree in another location. We do this in case we have to replace trees. This could be because of natural disasters, force majeure, tree sickness, etcetera. This pool of trees will generate $aCO2 just as the other trees do. Carbify adds 100% of this $aCO2 into a staking pool as soon as staking starts and will pay out 100% of this $aCO2 to staking participants. Important Your staking rewards will increase or decrease based on the number of participants. This means you will probably receive a higher reward, as stated below (the conservative numbers). You will receive rewards based on the number of trees staked. Each tree needs some $CBY tokens to activate the staking. If you unstake your trees, these $CBY tokens will be refunded minus a fee. This fee will be burned, which is why the $CBY circulating supply will lower over time. Unstake fee As soon as a user decides to un-stake their CBY tokens, a fee is applicable. This fee depends on the period that the tokens have been locked in the NFTree. Fee structure: <1 year of staking = 7,5% fee < 2 years of staking = 3,75% fee Over 2 years of staking = 1,75% fee The fee will be burned for 100%. The wallet collecting the $CBY tokens can be found here:

Plot details

  • Maximum supply: 1500 plots

  • The highest ROI within the Carbify ecosystem

  • You need $5 in $CBY tokens to activate the staking for each NFTree

  • If you decide to unstake the NFTrees, the $CBY will be returned minus a fee.

  • You can plant up to 50 NFTrees on a genesis plot

  • Genesis plots can be used in-game

  • $aCO2 bonus: 100%. This means your CO2 token generation will be at least 100% faster

  • The $aCO2 in the pool from non-staked NFTrees will be awarded to trees staked on genesis plots. 50% of the pool will be used to boost these trees.

  • Bonus $aCO2 will be awarded from B2B trees. (TBA)

Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth Eco Empires is a game that allows players to earn in-game $aCO2 prizes. Players who own land plots in the game can boost their rewards by participating in the "land plot owner prize pool," which makes up 80% of the total prize pool. Players without land plots can still earn rewards from the remaining 20% of the prize pool, known as the "standard prize pool." In the game, players can conquer new worlds, plant trees, and increase their rewards based on their ranking and the number of land plots and trees they own. Multiple worlds will be available to play at the same time.

  • Land plot owners will be rewarded from the 'Land plot pool': 80% of the $aCO2 tokens

  • Players without land plots will be rewarded from the 'Player pool': 20% of the $aCO2 tokens

Occasionally there will be NFT rewards for ending up in the top 3.

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