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Topics on this page: * Introduction * Investing in NFTrees * Planting these virtual trees -> receive more $aCO2 * Play Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth * $aCO2 pools for CO2 buyers wanting to offset emissions * Burn $aCO2 tokens Carbify aims to make a meaningful impact through compensation rather than offsetting. Despite this, the company believes it can also contribute to offsetting efforts as its CO2 quality is superior to others in the market, and its certification methodology fully supports the validity of its CO2 tokens. The company emphasizes the importance of using only qualified and high-quality CO2 for offsetting rather than carbon credits or similar products. Carbify provides several opportunities for users to earn rewards, including bonuses for utilizing all of the features within the ecosystem. Additionally, users can increase their earnings by participating in triple-down promotions. Step 1: Investing in NFTrees Users who purchase a tree from Carbify will receive a non-fungible token (NFT). This tree will generate $aCO2 tokens (Carbon Debits) for at least twenty (20) years. These Carbon Debits can be sold based on the CO2 voluntary market prices. Carbify will offer multiple ways to sell them. CO2 pricing: EU Carbon Price Tracker. One NFTree absorbs between 150-200 kg of CO2 each year. Based on $15 per ton of CO2, our tree program offers a 26% yearly profit. <- example. This percentage will increase significantly if the global carbon price increases. Carbify does not guarantee or promise any specific amount or return on investment.

note: buying NFTrees and earning $aCO2 does not require $CBY Step 2: Planting these virtual trees; double the yield If you are a tree owner, you can stake your trees on land plots provided by Carbify. This will result in almost double the yield you get from your trees each year. Additionally, you can earn even more by playing the Carbify game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. Step 3: Play Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth By participating in our main game and building up your villages, you can plant NFT trees on your in-game land plots. You will receive a share of the large reward pool based on the amount of CO2 you have offset. More information about Eco Empires can be found here.

note: You can utilize $CBY at our marketplace to buy NFTrees and/or other NFTs.

$aCO2 pools Earned $aCO2 can be sold to a pool. Multiple pools can be active at the same time. $aCO2 users can choose a pool and sell tokens to this pool at a fixed price. Like this:

Buyer = Company X Amount = 5000 tons of $aCO2 Period = 12 months Price = $25 per ton or $0.025 per kg Payout = Instantly

Users can choose the preferred pool to release the earned $aCO2. Keeping the earned $aCO2 and speculating on a value increase could be profitable also. The CO2 price is expected to go higher in the following decades. No guarantees, though.

Burn $aCO2 tokens Reducing your carbon footprint by burning $aCO2 should be the primary goal for all participants. By doing this, you will receive an official certificate stored on the blockchain as proof of your reduced carbon footprint.

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