Carbon Reduction Certificate (CRC)

Topics on this page: * Carbon Reduction Certificate introduction * Data exchange API The $aCO2 token does not automatically represent carbon neutrality. To create a claim for CO2 compensation, the holder of $aCO2 can "burn" their tokens on the platform.

Burning the token results in the registration of a certain amount of CO2 compensation on the platform, and this compensation is provided in the form of a Carbon Reduction Certificate (CRC). The CRC is a non-fungible token (NFT) that appears in the wallet of the individual or organization seeking to offset their CO2 emissions.

The CRC includes information about the amount, signature, company stamp, date, and (optionally) the identity of the person or business compensating for their CO2 emissions. When $aCO2 tokens are burned to issue a CRC, they are removed from the overall supply, thereby preventing double counting or double claiming issues. Data exchange API will offer data access through an API for accountability and verification purposes. This will be fully compliant with the upcoming reporting requirements for businesses. This includes all generated CRC certificates.

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