Topics on this page: * $aCO2 introduction * Usecases for $aCO2 The $aCO2 token represents one kilogram of carbon dioxide (CO2) captured inside the Amazon rainforest. This where the 'a' stands for. Carbify will most likely deploy more CO2-based tokens for other specific parts of the world. $aCO2 tokens can be sold to individuals or companies to offset their CO2 emissions. The price of $aCO2 is determined based on the carbon pricing mechanisms in various regions worldwide, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. These mechanisms result in different carbon price levels, ranging from around €90 per ton in the European Union to around €6 per ton in China. The average price of $aCO2 takes these different levels into account to prevent carbon leakage, which is the process of companies moving carbon-intensive activities to regions with lower carbon prices and then importing the resulting products back into jurisdictions with higher carbon prices.

Usecases for $aCO2

  • $aCO2 can be burned to create an official carbon offset certificate. Compensating your carbon footprint will help fight the global warming problem we all face

  • $aCO2 can be burned in-game to speed up the unit and building levels

  • $aCO2 can be sold for USD by selling it to one of the pools provided in our portal

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