Topics on this page: * Prevent double counting and double spending * High-quality tokenised CO2 Prevent double counting and double spending Blockchain technology can prevent double spending and double counting of CO2 emissions by using a decentralized ledger system. In this system, each transaction is recorded on multiple copies of the ledger and distributed across a computer network. This ensures that each transaction is transparent, traceable, and cannot be altered or deleted without the network's consensus. In the case of Carbify, each CO2 token is tied to a specific tree with known coordinates. This tree generates a certain amount of CO2 tokens daily, and this process is entirely transparent. Because the tree coordinates are known, and the CO2 tokens generated are fixed, it is impossible to double-count or sell the same tree or project to multiple owners. This solved one of the biggest problems of the non-blockchain carbon-compensating businesses.

High quality tokenised CO2 Carbify offers the highest quality CO2 tokens because when a CO2 token is traded or transferred, the transaction is recorded and validated on the blockchain ledger. This ensures that each credit can only be used once and provides a secure and transparent system for tracking and trading CO2 emissions. This helps ensure that the emissions are used efficiently and effectively to reduce greenhouse gases. To demonstrate our commitment to offsetting carbon, we use the most transparent method, the Global Carbon Standard (GCS). This standard allows us to calculate the carbon absorption of the trees we plant accurately.

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