Topics on this page: * Security introduction * Smart Contract Audits * Lossless integration * Multi-Signature usage Security Security is a top priority for us. We operate in the crypto space, which means there are many risks that we need to cover. Therefore, we try to develop all smart contracts based on 'non-custodial' solutions and fully decentralized implementations. This means that the user has control over their assets, not us at Carbify. We have our most important smart contracts reviewed by multiple auditors and immediately address any feedback or suggestions for improvement. However, these audits are not everything. Through a partnership with Lossless, we are able to monitor our key smart contracts 24/7 for fraudulent behaviour. If unusual behaviour is detected, we can put a smart contract on 'pause' to prevent a potential hack.

Additionally, transparency and the complete KYC that the team has undergone are also part of our security measures. After all, it's important for you as an investor to be sure that investing in Carbify is safe. Smart Contract Audits Carbify engaged with three companies so far regarding smart contract audits. - - Solidproof - Quill Audits Hacken Smart Contract Code Audit (January 2023) Hacken, a leader in blockchain security, conducted a comprehensive review of Carbify's smart contract code. They audited the main $CBY smart contract on the Polygon blockchain.

Quill Audit Smart Contract Code Audit (April 2023) Quill Audits performed a detailed analysis of Carbify's smart contract code. This audit identified a few issues, but they were promptly addressed. The link to the report can be found here.

Quill Audit, NFT Smart Contract Code Audit (May 2023) As our NFTrees are the backbone of our project, it was important to audit the main NFT smart contract as well. The link to the report can be found here.

Quill Audit, $aCO2 Smart Contract Code Audit (August 2023) The $aCO2 rewards component is critical for Carbify. The link to the report can be found here.

LossLess integration Carbify has integrated the Aegis protocol from LossLess into its most important smart contracts. Aegis is a monitoring tool that uses AI to observe behaviour. A potential hack often reveals itself through preliminary attempts made by the hacker. Based on this, we can pause the attacked smart contract and then take action. This is the first time such an application has been implemented, making Carbify a pioneer in this area! Multi-Signature usage We use so-called 'multi-sig' wallets for our company wallets that contain crypto tokens and NFTs. This means that none of our co-founders can transfer value or assets without the permission of at least a second co-founder. This prevents a lot of problems. Using multi-sig wallets is standard at Carbify and applies to ALL wallets owned by Carbify.

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