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Topics on this page: * Tree planting * Proof of Life * High ROI tree programs * Gamification * Supporting locals / Social Impact * Increase trust with blockchain technology * Certification/audits and data API for accountability Tree planting Carbify plants trees in the Amazon rainforest. Loads of them. We plan to plant millions of trees over the next few years by offering lucrative programs for participants. We will work with local communities and will only go forward with tree planting if the project will serve a few goals:

  • The project needs to focus on the well-being of local communities (social impact)

  • The project needs to comply with our rules and Global Carbon Standard regulations

  • The project will need to prove the trees are growing as scheduled every few months. This is called Proof of Life, and the rules are documented in our Global Carbon Standard

  • Food security, education, social impact, and sustainability are important pillars

Proof of Life Communities and projects supported by Carbify must demonstrate that the planted trees will continue to exist for two decades. Carbify will provide these communities with financial aid, an annual maintenance fee, and education. The proof of the trees' continued growth can be provided through photographs, videos, drone footage, or any other evidence. Additionally, Carbify can utilize third-party imagery to assess biomass specifications in specific regions at regular intervals. Our team will collaborate with local and international organisations and universities to perform on-the-spot audits. It's essential to visit the actual sites. Reward programs NFTrees are bound to a real tree. The tree absorbs CO2 from the air, cleaning the air in the process. The CO2 absorbed will be rewarded to you in the form of the $aCO2 token. 1 KG of CO2 benefit is worth 1 $aCO2 token. These tokens can be used to compensate for your carbon footprint. The tokens can also be sold to companies or individuals to compensate for their footprint. Carbify will facilitate this process. Compensating will burn the tokens. They will not exist anymore. This means the CO2 was 100% offset! This will be awarded by an official certificate proving the user invested in the environment and compensated CO2. Carbify strives to offset at least a big chunk of the user's CO2 footprint by actively stimulating this behaviour.

Gamification Gamifying a project can help educate people by making learning more interactive and engaging. It also helps to motivate learners to participate and strive to achieve their goals, as they are rewarded with points, badges, or other rewards for their efforts. Gamification can also help to break up the learning process into smaller, more manageable chunks, making it easier for learners to absorb and retain information. Additionally, gamification can provide a sense of competition and social interaction, further enhancing the learning experience. Overall, gamification can make learning more enjoyable and effective for people, leading to a more meaningful and successful educational experience. We believe our main game Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth, will achieve this!

Supporting locals / Social Impact The Amazon rainforest is home to many locals who rely on producing their own survival food. However, it can be difficult for them to sell or trade excess fruits and nuts without facing scams or exploitation. Carbify helps by offering protection and support from local authorities. This increases their income and ensures a steady food supply throughout the year. We do this by providing seeds for trees and a yearly maintenance fee. In return, they will protect our trees, monitor their progress, and intervene if needed. Our goal is to empower these communities to thrive and prosper. Increase trust with blockchain technology Blockchain technology can prevent double-spending and double-counting of CO2 emissions by using a decentralized ledger system. In this system, each transaction is recorded on multiple copies of the ledger and distributed across a computer network. This ensures that each transaction is transparent, traceable, and cannot be altered or deleted without the network's consensus. In the case of Carbify, each CO2 token is tied to a specific tree with known coordinates. This tree generates a certain amount of CO2 tokens daily, and this process is entirely transparent. Because the tree coordinates are known, and the CO2 tokens generated are fixed, it is impossible to double-count or sell the same tree or project to multiple owners. When a CO2 token is traded or transferred, the transaction is recorded on the ledger and validated by the network, ensuring that each credit can only be used once. Overall, blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent system for tracking and trading CO2 emissions, helping to ensure that they are used efficiently and effectively to reduce greenhouse gases. Carbify offers the highest quality CO2 tokens available. Certification/audits and data API for accountability Carbify is a project that operates on the web3 platform. To bridge the gap between web3 and web2, we have created a separate entity known as This entity's primary focus is on providing official certification for companies and facilitating the purchase of CO2 offsets for those companies. It employs a team of salespeople and consultants to assist businesses with their sustainability needs. Advantages

  • Companies can benefit from tokenised carbon debits with zero crypto knowledge

  • Our carbon offset methodology is fully audited and certified by Earthood

  • Companies will be able to call themselves 'carbon neutral' or 'net zero emission company'

  • The company will receive proof of their compliance in both physical and digital forms

  • will offer data access through an API for accountability and verification purposes. This will be fully compliant with the upcoming reporting requirements for businesses

  • To promote transparency, the company will be publicly listed on our website as a certified net zero company/product

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