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Topics on this page: * Team introduction * Team members * The Office Team introduction The Carbify team sees great value in transparency and visibility. Not just because the nature of the project requires it but also because Carbify operates in the world of crypto. We are approachable, attend business-to-business and crypto events multiple times a year, and are happy to visit you to discuss CO2 offsetting or our project!

The Carbify team is spread across the globe. Our core team consists of the following divisions:

  • Management (we do not use C-level titles, though)

  • Team of Ecologists

  • Data Scientist Team

  • Marketing

  • Sales (B2B)

  • Development Team

  • Game Development Team

  • Advisors

  • Moderators / Community Management

Our ecology team is probably the most important part of Carbify. There are two lead ecologists involved with Carbify who are responsible, among other things, for the development of the Global Carbon Standard and all CO2 calculations (per tree species). Additionally, there is a forest engineer and two data scientists who are responsible for collecting and processing data. Team Members

Carbify Management/Co-Founders

About William William is a father of three children and lives in the northeast of the Netherlands. Sustainability is in his blood, as Carbify is his third company focusing on the most important problem the world is currently facing. With his company Rooted, William has already planted many trees in northern Spain and continues to maintain this project. In addition, William was the CEO of Coorest, which he exchanged for Carbify at the beginning of 2023. William has extensive knowledge in the fields of law and sustainability, and his network within this world is incredibly vast. William is mainly responsible for sales, legal and ecology within Carbify. About Toby Toby is a married father of two children and lives in the north of the Netherlands. He is a former senior police officer, where he served as a visionary law enforcement leader, driving growth and innovation in the northern Netherlands. Due to his extensive experience in management and leadership, his role is indispensable within Carbify. In his younger years, Toby was a professional gamer. He is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda and has already passed on this passion to his children. Toby's previous role as COO at the crypto gaming company Vulcan Forged was a perfect fit, given that the company created and published games. At Carbify, Toby is responsible for game development. Additionally, he ensures proper handling in the finance department and serves as the main point of contact for clients, suppliers and the accountants who support Carbify. About Jaap Jaap has been a serial entrepreneur since 1998. He is 47 and the father of two kids, Thomas and Stefan. Jaap launched the first online store where you could assemble a computer at the component level, which is the standard today. From this business, a web hosting company that operated worldwide (MuntInternet) emerged, of which Jaap was the CEO and founder. This company was sold mid-2016 to one of the market leaders, after which Jaap delved into blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As a 'crypto for dummies' writer, many articles were published under his name. In addition, Jaap was invited by Vulcan Forged to join the team as their CTO, where he met Toby and William (partner of Vulcan Forged). Jaap is an expert in tokenomics and is responsible for marketing, development, and partnerships within Carbify. He is also responsible for most of the writing work, including this Greenpaper. Extensive KYC The three co-founders went through one of the most strict KYC (know your customer) processes supplied by SolidProof Audits. More information can be found here. This means that we meet the highest standards regarding KYC, trust, and transparency. As we are known to governments and law enforcement agencies through this KYC, it is safe to engage with Carbify.

Other team members As we are constantly expanding, you can find all team members on this page:

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