Certification and GCS

Topics on this page: * Introduction * Global Carbon Standard advantages * Global Carbon Standard by Carbify * Carbon Debits * Additionality Carbify is a project that operates on the web3 platform. In order to bridge the gap between web3 and web2, we have created a separate entity known as the Global Carbon Standard (GCS). This entity's main focus is on providing official certification for companies and facilitating the purchase of CO2 offsets for those companies. It employs a team of salespeople and consultants to assist businesses with their sustainability needs. Advantages

  • Companies can benefit from tokenised carbon debits with zero crypto knowledge.

  • Our carbon offset methodology is fully audited and certified by Earthood

  • Companies will be able to call themselves 'carbon neutral' or 'net zero emission company'

  • The company will receive proof of their compliance in both physical and digital forms.

  • We can certify individual products for a certain amount of time

  • The company will be listed on our website as a certified net zero company/product

Global Carbon Standard by Carbify Carbify has established a method for addressing CO2 emissions through offsetting. Our team of experts in science and ecology have crafted a reliable and transparent system for reducing carbon emissions. We are fully audited and proven as a solid and legitimate way to calculate carbon compensation. The certification has been approved by Earthood and backed by the United Nations Climate Change foundation. Earthood can certify projects based on our Global Carbon Standard if the client wishes to use our carbon standard. Instead of using carbon credits, we exclusively employ Carbon Debits (1) as we believe they are a more effective solution. Our approach is based on the principle of additionality (2).

1. Carbon Debits Carbify offers tokenized carbon debit tokens that only reflect the CO2 that has been offset in the past. This eliminates the need for the distribution or allocation of carbon beforehand. Carbify believes this method is the most precise and just way to evaluate and recognize projects that offset CO2 emissions. These carbon debit tokens are provided in digital form, representing the quantity of CO2 that has been decreased or eliminated through offsetting methods. 2. Additionality Additionality is evaluating whether a proposed action or activity will bring about an additional positive outcome compared to a predetermined reference point, known as the baseline. It is a way to determine if a proposed activity is superior to the baseline scenario. Example: Company X is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, but it is still far from reaching net zero emissions. To make up for this, the company is seeking to offset its emissions transparently and legitimately by purchasing $aCO2 tokens. They want to avoid double counting and double spending and want to act immediately, not in 20 years. To achieve this, they have chosen to use the $aCO2 tokens and, as we like to call them, Carbon Debits instead of Carbon Credits.

With the team behind the Global Carbon Standard, we will work with them to determine the number of carbon emissions they produce and devise a plan to offset any remaining emissions through the use of Carbify's $aCO2 tokens (Carbon Debits).

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