Agroforestry Systems

Topics on this page: * Introduction * Agroforestry systems * NFTrees and trees planted (+ numbers) * CO2 calculations Introduction Carbify is not merely planting trees; we are establishing non-invasive agroforestry systems. These systems have a significantly greater impact than simply planting trees, providing numerous benefits. While Carbify often communicates the message, 'We are planting trees,' this only represents a part of our broader initiative. Below, we delve deeper into this subject.

Agroforestry systems Agroforestry, an innovative farming approach that interweaves native vegetation, fruit trees, crops, and sometimes livestock, boasts well-documented ecological and agricultural benefits. These advantages encompass increased biodiversity of birds and pollinators, improved soil quality, heightened crop yields, and even a cooling impact on the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, these systems contribute to reducing storm-related damages and are inherently more resilient to climate fluctuations. This cooling attributes not only bolsters defences against global warming but also provides a more comfortable environment for farmers and local residents. For Carbify, the CO2 absorption rates hold immense significance, as this is superior to any other planting methodology. More information can be found here:

NFTrees and Trees Planted A Carbify NFTree represents a 12,5m² plot that encompasses a variety of biodiverse materials, including trees, bushes, fruit plants, and other vegetation. On average, six trees will be planted on each 12,5m² plot over a period of 20 years.

In 2023, Carbify planted 250,000 of these 12,5m² plots (equivalent to 250,000 NFTrees). For Q1 and Q2 2024 400,000 12,5m2 plots have been ordered (equivalent to 400,000 NFTrees). Consequently, Carbify is on track to plant approximately 30 million trees over a 20-year period, averaging six trees per plot for the Q1 2024 batch alone. NFTrees are sold in bound pairs. When a user purchases one NFTree, Carbify reserves two backup NFTrees along with a staking NFTree. This approach means that Carbify will only sell 25% of the trees planted, ensuring a robust reserve and staking system to support each NFTree sold. In Numbers: In Q1 2024, Carbify ordered 400,000 12,5m² plots. This allows Carbify to distribute the NFTrees as follows:

100,000 NFTrees (12,5m2 plots) will be available for sale to consumers and businesses. 100,000 12m2 plots will be reserved as 'staking trees.' 200,000 12m2 plots will be reserved as backup trees. These backups are in place to replace any consumer-purchased or staking trees should the need arise for various reasons.

CO2 calculations As mentioned before, we are not planting 1 tree for every NFTree sold. It's 6 trees and loads of other vegetation. Our team of ecologists calculated the CO2 absorption rate for this 12,5m2 plot on average over a period of 20 years. All calculations and methodology used are documented in the Global Carbon Standard.

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